私は日常のありふれた風景を、非日常的な自分の世界として捉えてアナログのモノクロ 写真により表現しています。

I work in the analogue medium of black-and-white photography to find my own extraordinary world in ordinary, daily landscapes. In my work, the photograph does not equal reality. By passing through the filter of my self, the world is restructured in a completely different way, so that the photographic image becomes markedly different from the real landscape. Despite this, I do not go out of my way to twist and distort the world, but rather hope to express what it is I am feeling at the time I am viewing at the landscape. Sometimes the image turns out to be fantastic, sometimes it shows a world filled with tension. Visually, the world that appears in my work is woven half from the act of painting a picture and half from taking a photograph. This may be because of my past experience of using the act of painting to express the world around me. In addition, the reason that I have chosen photography as a form of expression is not that I want to show that my world is a completely false one. Instead, I hope the viewer will look at the work as if it exists as one part of an ordinary landscape.

Copyright (C) 2002 by Akiko Uemura All rights reserved.